About me


I am Megan.   A mother of two young boys who has lived and worked in the USA, Australia, and now UK.   I work with businesses, governments, and communities to retrofit cities to be sustainable and resilient. Passionate about systems thinking, resiliency, urban planning, health, data and technology, I enjoy finding opportunities and developing programs which engage meaningful action to sustainability and improve the health of people and cities.

Currently studying a PhD at the University of Westminster, my research aims to link community-led movements to the larger urban infrastructure needs required for action towards attaining more resilient and sustainable cities.  You can find my initial proposal here, Megan Sharkey PHD Proposal.  It will be narrowed and updated for October 2017.

There are endless opportunities for integrating planning, our buildings, and our lifestyles harmoniously with the environment so future generations may have access to better health, technology and way of life. I want to help implement them.

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